John Deere 7530

John Deere 7530

The tractor model John Deere 7530 Premium 2009-2012 4wd is manufactured by John Deere.

Equipped with a powerful John Deere engine, this 6.62t 7530 E Premium machine can provide 156kW or 209 horsepower for the 4×4 tractor. This 4×4 tractor from John Deere belongs to the segment of larger machines in the category of 4×4 tractors. The size of the 7530 E Premium is 2.38m x 4.8m x 3.05m.

Since 2009, this model includes a cabin and air conditioning. As of 2012 it is sold without air brakes, ISO Bus and front PTO. More detailed specifications and machine descriptions are available in the original John Deere 7530 E Premium data sheet.

Production was stopped in 2012, where this 7530 E Premium was available at a new list price between 116,000 and 148,000 euros. For more detailed information on current prices and residual values.

The most popular John Deere models of this type are the 6155 R, 5075 GL and 6195 R, and 74 other 4×4 tractors, currently ranging from 40kW to 456kW are also available. We can currently see about 74 models of the 7530 E Premium 4wd tractor with an average age of 7 years and an average price of 54,700 euros.

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John Deere 7530 Premium

John Deere produced their 7530 Premium Farm Tractor model from 2007 to 2011 in the United States this exact model was priced at $ 135,731 with a standard ComfordGard cab. Speaking of dimensions and weight, this model weighs 14,600 lbs or 6,622 kg at 188. 9 inches [479 cm] in length and 119.9 inches [304 cm] in height while maintaining a wheelbase of 105, 7 inches [268 cm] front tread is approximately 60 to 88 inches while rear tread is 60 to 104. This tractor can fit 16.9R28 front and 16.9R28 rear agricultural tires. See this in user manual.

This John Deere 7530 Premium is powered by a diesel engine that has 414.4 ci or 6.8 L 6 cylinder 24 valves, can produce 180 hp or 134.2 kW at 2100 (rpm), and has a torque of 642 lb- ft or 870.6 Nm at 1600 (rpm) the fuel tank capacity is 92.5 gallons or 350.1 L.
This machine has 4×4 MFWD 4WD wheel drive system, infinity forward and rearward John Deere IVT transmission system.

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The John Deere 7530 is considered the most economical tractor between 180 and 220 hp (test according to the OECD). At the maximum power of the 7530 it reaches a value of only 262 g / kWh. This is achieved thanks to intelligent power management. The 7530 was built between 2007 and 2011. The tractor adapted to the European market is particularly light and has strong engine performance.

Technical specifications
Cubic capacity6788 cc
Power203 hp
Rated speed2100 U / min
Top speed50 km / h
Weight6620 kg

This powerful tractor was manufactured in France. The engine is also equipped with a turbocharger.

Since the tractor is no longer in production so the best and only option is the second-hand market to acquire the 7530. Due to the high quality construction of JOHN DEERE its for sure an extremely worthwhile investment. The final price is variable and depends on the condition and year of manufacture. A DEERE 7530 used to buy is a worthwhile alternative to buying new, because even the worn down parts are to get still good and definitely easy to change for spare parts.


There seems to be a lot of interest in the new 7530 and quite a few seem to be working.
I have noticed here recently in other threads that a number of people are suggesting hoarding the diesel, however in other forums I have read otherwise.
We had one in the demo and yes it hit some diesel again on some heavy duty and less in the light it was still reasonable when working back to the covered area.

Does anyone have any practical experience on excessive fuel use or is it all second hand.
An example of this is our local NH dealer, who cited our fuel consumption to a potential T7000 buyer at 55-60 liters per hour, when in fact the worst we recorded was just over 38 liters.
Regardless of the brand, I think all Tier 3s throw shitty fuel figures.

DL, I have a 6910, two 6920S, a 7530 and an 8430 as well as two 818 Fendts. All my tractors work an average of 800 hours a year on jobs ranging from silage to grain work. We monitor fuel very closely as we spend around £ 80,000 a year on it. It is becoming my biggest expense.

The two fendts are by far the best in terms of fuel, but at this time the additional price over the deere does not correspond to the fuel economy. If the red diesel reaches 42p a liter, I will switch all tractors to Fendt.

On average, the 818 consumes 7 pounds / hour less fuel than the 6910, 6920S, and 7530. I can’t compare the 8430 because it’s a different animal. However, when testing a Fendt 930 for a few days, I found that the 8430 consumed a third more in similar jobs, not the same.

Everything else about the two brands makes you go for Deere because the dealer endorsement is excellent and the residual values ​​I think are now better than Fendt’s. However, if Deere doesn’t do something to cut fuel consumption, it will lose out when diesel prices rise.

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