John Deere 7530 Engine soundtone

John Deere 7530 Engine soundtone Problems

We recently bought a premium John Deere 7530 in 6k hours, when I tested it at Sharmans I commented on how rough / rattling the engine was on starting and idling and they told me it’s just the way they are, rep said to let it idle for 5 minutes before / after use.

Anyway today I have been loading a 10 ton manure trailer and it is the first time it has been used properly and when pushed hard up the hill the rattle is quite noticeable … it just sounds harsh! Is that how they are? I have seen that they are a very popular tractor here, so I imagine someone will say yes, that is it and I will stop being paranoid.

We have a 6910 and in that the engine is smooth as you like even loaded … obviously much lower hp.

John Deere 7530 Engine work

You may have had replacement injectors that have not had their calibrations registered with the ecu, but as said the 75s are more rattlier than the lower models due to the larger injectors. Ask them to come check it out, and make sure it has a factory calibration and not a remap. (derv dr it after

Thanks for the answers, appreciated. It seems that the consensus is “it is as they are”. I have a leak in the PTO seal that I will get dealer to fix, so I might ask them to plug in the computer and check everything is as it should be (should I have done this anyway in the yard before selling ??) .

He pulls like an absolute beast, he didn’t even notice 10t on his back going up decent hills so he wondered if it had been chipped / re-mapped, our neighbor had one that he reconned was 250hp ..

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