John Deere 7530 Brake valve leaking a steady stream of oil

John Deere 7530 Brake valve leaking a steady stream of oil Problems

I recently observed a steady stream of oil coming out of the brake valve on my John Deere 7530. I have bypassed the hydraulic supply hoses to prevent oil from leaking everywhere and brought the tractor to my shop. Then I removed the brake pedal and valve assembly and observed the following: There is a non-threaded hole in the lower left of the valve that extends into the lower left chamber. The hole continues to the lower right chamber. There is no evidence of internal threads.

My best guess is that there was a plug in the hole and it fell off, but before I start a repair I want to be sure that is the problem. My local Deere dealer does not have a valve in stock but I am sure they will let me look at their used tractors, of course whether or not they have one with that valve is an open question.

The department manager will probably have a good idea of ​​what to do, too, but that will have to wait until Tuesday. The hole is not visible in the part drawings, so there is no help there. Finally, I have asked for a technical manual, which I will not have until next week either, and it is only possible that I have some idea.

If anyone has experience with this valve I would appreciate your thoughts

John Deere 7530 Brake valve

No experience, but I have technical manual TM1716 for JD 5310. The brake valve is covered on pages 60-10-2 through 60-10-8. Non-threaded caps not shown. By bottom chamber, do you mean where the brake piston goes?

An image on page 60-10-7 showing the installation of the ball, spring, o-ring and plug (two of each) shows a boss on the bottom left that looks like a hole with a plug in it . I assume it was to block a drilled passage in the foundry. I would think it should be drilled and tapped and have a threaded plug.

His description of the image on 60-10-7 was exactly what he was looking for. It looked like it was supposed to be a plugged hole, but I was a little reluctant to start cutting threads on a $ 400 + casting without some shaping which was the correct course of action. By the way, I just sold my 2030 after almost 20 years of service. It was a great tractor, but I was ready for the pallet forks, FWD, and a CAB. Thanks again for taking the time to look at your manual. Thanks too Tx Jim I think I have a plan. Now if I can find my F drill and 5/16 tap

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