John Deere 7530 Declutch problem

John Deere 7530 Declutch problem Problems

I currently have a John Deere 7530 with a command center error message stating that the declutch function is not available.
Does anyone have knowledge of this problem and a possible solution.
The tractor only has 4000hrs.

John Deere 7530 Declutch all problems

The problem has to do with the way the power is distributed to the fuse box in JD 7530. There are two solutions to fix the problem, the first is to bring a new positive 12v supply to the disconnect button. I haven’t done this so I can’t help with how to do it. solution 2 is to run a positive 12v supply other than the fuse for the gearbox controller.

I am going to look up the fuse and wire numbers tomorrow and tell you what to do then. It’s easy to fix, sorry I didn’t answer before, I wanted to look up the wire numbers and forgot.

The fuse John Deere 7530 is row F05 position 1 marked EPQT ELX 10A. You need to cut the power cable to this fuse and connect it to the alternative power supply. The power output of this fuse is wire number 0582AE that you need to cut off the power cord could not read the number as shrink wrap is covering.

What I did was connect it to the relay power from the outlet. I have attached a photo of what I did, I would have preferred to solder the cables but the tractor was not moving in the middle of the field so I used some crimp terminals to get going.

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