John Deere 7530 ECU Code

John Deere 7530 ECU Code Problems

Today this code appears: ECU 1569.31 The tractor is 2008 and has 6600hrs.Can anyone tell me what exactly this means?and how to fix it?

John Deere 7530 Codes

There must be some other code that is associated with the derating.Typically it is 1180.00 or 1180.16 which are for too high calculated exhaust temperature before turbo.They are not too serious, but indicate that the turbo is in its final phase.

My problem was that this code 1569.31 comes with 1180.00, we changed the turbo and now everything is fine: D
For the code 641.12 it says: Communication about the error to the turbo.Have your John Deere dealer repair as soon as possible.

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