John Deere 7530 fault code

John Deere 7530 fault code Problems

Started working on a farm with a John Deere 7530, which keeps throwing ecu error code 1347.07 says to change the fuel filter. The boss says that he will continue to do so after changing the filter. Any ideas? He does it more the harder he works.

Error code 1347.07 is a fuel pressure mismatch between what the tractor wants and what the high pressure pump is producing.
Sometimes the suction control solenoid on the high pressure pump can cure this, the solenoid gasket is worth checking.
But unfortunately the most likely cause is one or more injectors leaking in the return line.

John Deere 7530 fault codes all

Don’t be too enthusiastic to start changing the components. Remember that the code appears due to lower rail pressure than expected. It only knows that it is lower because a sensor … And a connector that goes to the ecu. If this connection is failing … The code will also be activated. With engine vibration this code can be active. It is best to check the easy things first. Connections, fuel and tank lines, lift pump.

My JD 7530 had some weird problems when accelerating with heavy loads (fuel per hour was showing 54 liters) it would put the red stop light and it said stop for critical engine failure, on the command screen.

I found that the diesel pressure between the electric pump and the high pressure pump dropped to 0 bar at full load.
I changed the electric pump for a new one, but the result is the same. The “problem” is that there is a T connection between the two pumps returning to the reservoir. On the 20 series there is a restrictor in the return line to maintain pressure so I installed one of them and the problem stopped.

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