John Deere 7530 Premium went crazy with codes and does not move

John Deere 7530 Premium went crazy with codes and does not move Problems

Has a problem with the John Deere 7530 P, has been out in the rain for a few days then moved to the garage and all kinds of codes popped up. He doesn’t drive but stays in N. First start outside was fine and moved it inside, tomorrow all hell broke loose.

Also, the command screen is immediately ON and everything like when the key is turned and the key is OFF. When the battery is connected it turns on.

What can be? The codes are:

  • BIF 2000.09
  • DTI 2000.09
  • BIF 2003.09
  • SSU 524.09
  • SSU 177.09
  • SIC 2003.09
  • SSU 162.09
  • TSC 2000.09
  • TSC 523974.04

It is as if the CANBUS has problems and is not communicating. Where to look? What could be the cause of this?

John Deere 7530 Premium fault codes

CANBUS terminators would be a good starting point, RE207311 you will need at least 4 for that machine if you replace them all. Which I usually do, since diagnosing which one is faulty can take longer and cost more than replacing them all.

My JD 7530 did it in the summer. The dealer came in and just changed a little square black plastic thing. It was on the radiator on its own branch of the loom. I have no idea what (language) was. It must be pretty common since it was the first thing he did and it took him about 10 minutes on the farm.
The wife said it was not particularly expensive

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