John Deere 7530 PREMIUM year 2007, engine roughness and smoking

John Deere 7530 PREMIUM year 2007, engine roughness and smoking Problems

I have a problem with my John Deere 7530 Premium -07, after one to three hours of driving the engine starts to run rough and “unstable” at the same time the smoke turns black. The error code that appears about 20 times a day is 1347.07 “replace fuelfilter”. When that error code appears I think that the engine power is limited because it does not have the normal power. Sometimes the fault clears itself, but sometimes the roughness is so bad that I have to shut down the engine and restart it. This happens only when I need all or most of the power from the engine.

The roughness of the engine and smoke appear only when the engine is at high revs, when the engine is idling nothing is noticeable.
For example, if the fault is activated and I stop the tractor and press the accelerator to raise the revs, the harshness and the smoke begin, and when I release the pedal to idle everything seems to be fine.

The fuel filter has been replaced, there is no water in the system so it shouldn’t be the problem.

I think the problem could be one of the fuel injectors that is reaching the end, some kind of sensor that reads railpressures and gives faulty information or wirehardness? Does anyone have any ideas?
I think this model has Denso fuel injectors and a workshop told me that Denso injectors cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced with new ones, is that correct?
In Finland new injectors cost quite a bit, so if someone can propose some kind of distributor where we can order new injectors if that’s the problem.

Has anyone had the same kind of problems?

John Deere 7530 PREMIUM year 2007

The code 1347.07 in John Deere 7530 means that the fuel rail pressure is not as high as the computer expects it to be. There are several things that can cause this. A clogged filter is the first cause. Other causes may be restricted fuel from a pinched hose, leaky hoses causing air to be drawn into the system, a clogged screen on the pickup tube in the tank, or a weak or worn transfer pump located inside the tank. frame rail below filters.

Other causes of the code can be a weak high pressure pump, a faulty pump control valve, or a faulty rail pressure sensor. Since your tractor only triggers the code when it’s open throttle and under heavy load, I suspect the fuel is restricted. I would first replace all the hoses from the tank to the pre-filter, to the transfer pump, to the secondary filter, to the fuel cooler, and back to the tank.

There are several tees and a restrictor in line on one of the hoses. make sure to keep all components on the same path. The in-line restrictor is especially important to maintain proper back pressure in the fuel line. The factory braided fuel line is noted for a short service life before they can become porous and suck air into the system. I would also recommend taking the collection unit out of the tank and cleaning the collection screen.

A bad fuel injector would not cause this code. That should cause a misfire code. The wiring harness would not cause this code. The codes on the wire harness would indicate low voltage, open circuit or short circuit. I am not sure about the possibility of repairing Denso injectors, I have always replaced with new or factory remanufactured units. I’m sure if the factory can rebuild them, that there are other facilities that can repair them as well. You just have to find the right one.

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