John Deere 7530 premum vs 7215R

John Deere 7530 premum Problems

I want to buy a tractor, John Deere and fluctuations between 7530 premium or 7200R. Looking for around 200hp tractor with good extras.I found John Deere 7530 AutoPowr 2010 at 3900 hours for € 75,000 quite reserved.
They also range from 7215R Active Command Steering, 2011 Command Quad to 25600 hours for € 80,000.
Who tractor needed to choose me for the plow.
I have 6520 now and am happy, but it is not very powerful.
The new tractors can do a lot of problems with the electronics and lean more towards 7530 because it is simpler not just to know if AutoPowr this gearbox is good?
something to tell me if you know and quad commands 7215R

John Deere  7215R

Go for series 30. The 7Rs are horrible.Problem after problem.The 30 series is much more reliable.Also, the 30 series is IVT and I prefer to have an IVT over a power quad.If you were looking for a new one, I would say a 6215R.

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