John Deere 7530 turbo

John Deere 7530 turbo Problems

Started getting the red screen of death on our John Deere 7530 (6200 hours). Research says the turbo is about to fail. Which I think is pretty standard on these tractors.
I have always suspected that it is not as powerful as it should be (we have only had 10mths, online auction) so I hope it is a correct diagnosis. I’m getting excited about a Derv Doc conversation. Facebook comments suggest it’s a good idea. Better turbo, ERG filter removal and remapping.
Does anyone have any experience / comment.

I think you’ll realize that it’s probably the turbo actuator (stick sticking out of the side of the turbo unit) that has failed (its sticking), but other guys will know more.

You can split the turbos housings and see if the dipstick is released and you can work again, I bought a replacement turbo from nickyoung because dervdoc was on vacation when mine broke last year (didn’t know you could try to clean the housings), I have egr removal in mine from dervdoc and it’s been fine for a couple of seasons, I would have bought your install if I hadn’t been on vacation, but plowing in limp mode is horrible so I wanted the fix faster and nick young didn’t have much more money than the dervdoc kit.

John Deere 7530 turbine

I was judging a local YF plow game and one of the guys had a JD 7530 with the full turbo derv doc and egr delete done. I think I had turbo bugged twice before so this time it was Derv Doctored.
It sounded unbelievably good and took off like a rocket when the young man pulled up on the road. They claimed that he had transformed the tractor, a little more going, less engine temperature, and better on fuel unless they were hitting hard. I’m not a Deere man, but it certainly checked the boxes for me

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