The one code come for the gearbox John Deere 7530 TCU 524227.12

The one code come for the gearbox John Deere 7530 TCU 524227.12 Problems

The problem is on the John Deere 7530 premium tractor.
Gearbox code TCU 524227.12. This code appears in any weather (also 20 degrees) the first time the tractor is started. If the engine is stopped and restarted, the code clears.

The other code comes from the engine-ECU 1347.07. Acoustik the motor does not work 100% perfect.

Let me start with the error code 524227.12 from the TCU you are getting. This code is indicating that the transmission filter bypass valve is opening by mistake in John Deere 7530 tractor. Your transmission is equipped with a solenoid controlled transmission filter bypass that is used to assist in cold weather starting situations.

 John Deere 7530 TCU 524227.12

Once the tractor JD 7530 has started and the engine revolutions exceed 1400 or the transmission temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, the valve is supposed to close. The system uses a pressure switch to determine when the filter bypass valve opens. The most likely cause of the problem you are experiencing is that the bypass filter pressure sensor has failed and is generating a false signal. The transmission filter bypass switch would be number 13 in the attached diagram. The pressure switch is located on the top of the transmission filter head.

The second code you are getting is a 1347.07 code from the engine ECU and it is indicating that the fuel rail pressure is above or below 750 psi of the desired pressure. The most common cause of this code is dirty fuel filters. I see that you have already changed the fuel filters and noted that it does not seem to work quite right. This tells me that the suction control valve on the fuel injection pump is most likely faulty.

The suction control valve is responsible for controlling the fuel rail pressure. The attached diagram shows the suction control valve as # 18. The valve is easy to replace, but you must be extremely careful about keeping the area and the new valve clean during installation. It only takes a small amount of residue to do any serious damage to your fuel system.

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